» Why you should become a Befriender with Big Hearts

Why you should become a Befriender with Big Hearts

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Every child deserves the chance to play, laugh and socialise regularly, despite any challenges they may face at home or school.

The Big Hearts Befrienders’ initiative seeks to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people aged 5 to 16-years-old who are living in kinship care.

Right now, we are particularly on the lookout for male Befrienders to support some of our young boys in need of a male role model. Someone to look up to, laugh with, and have fun with. But this opportunity is open to all.

As a Befriender, you’ll be matched with a young person who has similar interests to you, accompanying them on a variety of social outings every week.

Activities are free to attend and will be decided in advance with the child and their carers. These can include baking, doing crafts, going to the football, walking in the park or going to the cinema among many other fun-filled outings.

If you want to help young people build confidence and self-esteem all while creating memories with them, then Befriending is the volunteering opportunity for you.

If you are aged 18 or above, and are interested in this opportunity, then please contact us now on pauline.fraser@bighearts.org.uk or by calling 07458023311.

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