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Football & Edinburgh Memories

Big Hearts’ reminiscence programme is designed to help older people recall fond memories from the past, using a set of archived images and themed memorabilia.


By stimulating memories and sharing stories, our weekly groups help build positive social connections between participants.


Edinburgh and Football Memories are led by a team of trained Big Hearts volunteers and welcome guests from a wide range of backgrounds, including people living with dementia, stroke survivors, care homes patients and over 65s at high risk of loneliness.


Following the latest Government guidance, we hope to offer a gradual return to small groups to attend in our new community space ‘The Shed‘ from 24th August 2021.  Sessions are free to attend and include a hot drink and a pie/cake.


For more information, email kim.ogilvie@bighearts.org.uk


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FOOTBALL MEMORIES is a pioneering project from Alzheimer’s Scotland and the Scottish Football Museum.


Established at Tynecastle Park in 2013, this project gathers football fans to rediscover iconic players and games, whatever team they support! The sessions have been visited by many former Hearts Legends including ‘The Golden Vision’ Alex Young, Alan Anderson and Freddie Glidden.


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EDINBURGH MEMORIES was set up in 2018 to further tackle loneliness of people over 65s. 


Each session is unique and encourages participants to explore life in the capital over the years. Old films, music and newspapers help create lively conversations about childhood stories or key social events of the 20th century.


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