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Big Hearts aims to improve outcomes of people at risk of social isolation in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.


Our programmes are designed to provide free meaningful support to adults and young people most vulnerable.


We work in partnership with well-established organisations including the SPFL Trust, Multi-Cultural Family Base, the Scottish Association for Mental Health and Space at Broomhouse Hub.

Covid-19 response

With dedicated helplines and a range of remote support available, Big Hearts continues to help groups most vulnerable during the pandemic.

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Kinship Care Programme

Our flagship Kinship Care programme provides valuable advice & peer support to children and their carers living in this ‘hidden’ form of care.

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Welcome Through Football

This social inclusion and employability project is aimed at young people from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds.

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Football & Edinburgh Memories

This reminiscence project, based on memorabilia and stories from the past, tackles loneliness & risk of dementia amongst older people.

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That's Me! Project

Through one to one advice and group activities, this project promotes young people’s positive mental health and wellbeing.

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School's Out!

Working closely with local schools, this initiative offers free meals and activities to disadvantaged young people in South West Edinburgh.


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Talk O' The Toun

This community wellbeing initiative, led by Hearts’ podcast hosts, aims to offer supporters a 90-min online chat with like-minded people.

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Big Hearts Supporters

This ground breaking initiative in Scottish football enables Hearts fans to get involved in their community and make a difference.

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Big Hearts Befriending

By becoming trusted role models, Volunteer Befrienders help vulnerable young people improve their emotional wellbeing.

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The Changing Room

Led by SAMH, this group harnesses the power of the beautiful game to engage with men and promote positive mental health.

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