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This week we caught up with Victoria Hendry, the Charity Manager from Cash for Kids. She has been part of the team since 2018 and tells us all about the official charity of Bauer Media.
Cash for Kids is affiliated with the local radio stations Forth 1 and Forth 2. A grant-giving charity, they help to improve the lives of children who are affected by poverty, illness and additional support needs. Victoria said, “We look to support disadvantaged young people from Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and Falkirk. Offering help with many problems that have caused them harm or to not be able to reach their full potential.


All year-round, Cash for Kids receive applications from local charities, individual families and community groups. “Our first grant round begins in March. Three times a year I sit down with our Board of Trustees, to look at each application and we make a decision on which would make an impact on the local community. Meetings can be difficult as we don’t always have enough money to support every request.


Each quarter, the team looks to fundraise in creative new ways to ensure they can provide support. “As soon as we open the process, applications come flooding in! Each year we arrange fundraising events and have on-air campaigns to help us raise money. Being associated with the local radio station is our key unique point, it’s really important for us to reach as wide an audience as possible.


Throughout the last 2 years the team at Cash for Kids have continued to work hard to provide support. “As soon as the pandemic hit, we responded very quicky and set up an appeal. We raised an amazing £250,000 which we put straight back out into the local community. It’s been a difficult time for many, but I think we responded in the right way and made an impact where it was needed.


Since 2018, Cash for Kids have supported one of Big Hearts’ most popular programmes. “School’s Out! is a fantastic project, bringing children together to engage and interact with one another. The unique thing about Big Hearts is their projects are based within Tynecastle Park. Not many community groups or charities have facilities like that, coming to a football stadium can be quite a big deal for young people.


School’s Out! is aimed at young people facing social isolation and food poverty. “It’s key that children don’t feel different to their peers. We want them to be able to return to school after the holidays and talk about the fun activities they’ve taken part in. This is why projects like School’s Out! are so important and why we want to be able to continue supporting them!


As a charity, Cash for Kids are very passionate about sharing the work that they do. “When people see online that we are working together with Big Hearts, they become instantly engaged. They really love to see the difference we can make together.


Thank you to Victoria for sharing an insight into the fantastic work that Cash for Kids do, making a massive difference to the lives of so many young people!