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Nick’s Story – Youth Support

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Nick is a Big Hearts Supporter. For over a year now he has been facilitating activities for local school pupils identified as isolated. He volunteers at our weekly T.E.A.M project and our School’s Out! programme which will take place again this summer.

How did you get involved with the Big Hearts Summer Programme?
I have a bit of time on my hands and I really enjoy volunteering for the T.E.A.M Project so I got in touch with Big Hearts to help out with School’s Out. It’s been great to spend few days volunteering with the young people. Lots of energy, creativity, artistry and friendship on show!

What does your volunteering role involve?
Cooking, football, music, arts and crafts. I play games with the kids, set up the activities with the youth workers. You pick up as you go and it’s a lot of fun. You need to have some patience and understand that there are many different backgrounds involved.

What benefits do you personally get from volunteering?
Volunteering is really good for me. I like meeting loads of new people and be part of something. I guess it helps with my wellbeing. I think what Big Hearts do for the community is amazing and I’m proud to be involved with them and add my contribution.

What do you like the most about volunteering?
As a Big Hearts Volunteer, I get the chance to be at Tynecastle every day. Seeing Gary Locke walking about, being so close to everything that goes on at the Club. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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