» Kevin Murphy – A way to give back

Kevin Murphy – A way to give back



During the football season, Kevin Murphy is in the dugout leading on Hearts Women and the Girls’ Football Academy.


When Scotland entered lockdown, Kevin was one of the first persons to contact Big Hearts to volunteer.


“I started phoning older supporters a month ago. As I am in furlough, it makes sense to spend my free time volunteering for a charity like Big Hearts. In professional football you live your life at 100 miles an hour. With the lockdown I am taking things much more slowly!


It’s been a very satisfying experience so far. Volunteering gives me a purpose during the week. I really enjoy it and certainly get as much out of it as the people I’m helping.


It’s actually our first team captain Mariel Kaney who introduced the idea to the rest of the squad. Humility and giving back is one of our values at Hearts Women. So for me, as Head Coach, it’s fantastic to see our players getting involved.


I brought my Mum into the project as well! She works with older people, but is staying at home at the moment. I think it’s the first time ever that me and my Mum are having a shared activity, it’s a nice feeling.


What we do is a welfare call, but it’s also a general chit chat and providing a bit of company too. Sometimes we chat for 20 / 30 minutes and I know that it will probably be the highlight of their day. I’ve signed-posted a few people to Big Hearts when they required further assistance.


It’s interesting in my position to receive insights into the history of the Club from the supporters themselves. You get to hear fascinating stories and heart-warming ones too. One lady in her 70’s told me that when her son – who was a Jambo – passed away, she decided to take over his season ticket to make sure her grandson will continue going to the games.


Being a Hearts’ fan is something that runs in the family. It’s in people’s blood. That’s the social power of football.”