» Angela Ballantine – Supporter of each other

Angela Ballantine – Supporter of each other


Whilst working from home during the pandemic, Angela Ballantine continues to befriend a child in kinship care through Big Hearts, the Club’s charity.


Despite a busy schedule, Angela has found the time to take on additional volunteer work.


“At the moment I still make a weekly phone call to the young person I’m befriending. We can’t meet anymore for obvious reasons, so at least we can have a little chat. As a volunteer befriender I try to help deal with any worries they have. It’s still a learning curve 8 months in – but being that trusted adult they can turn to is very rewarding.


It kind of made sense for me to get involved with the Club’s phone calls to older fans. I have a list of 10 supporters to contact every week. I’m working from home, so I try to call 2 every day. Everyone I spoke to was lovely, so it became a mood boosting for me, a pleasant break in my working day.


I guess because they are from an older generation, some of them have incredible stories to share. As a Jambo myself it’s amazing to hear from fans who got the chance to see the likes of Willie Bauld or Dave Mackay play!


We chat away sometimes for 30 / 40 minutes. One gent doesn’t have any family and he told me how hard it is for him to not go to the football or to the cinema every week. I’m a huge movie fan myself so we could relate through this too.


Checking in on older people over the phone is not like a tick-box exercise. We take the time to engage with the person on the other side of the line. I want them to feel and know they are important.


In the end, football is not just about what happens on the pitch, it’s about the amazing people you meet over a shared passion.


As a Jambo, I’m proud to volunteer on behalf of the Club. It’s another example of how Hearts supporters are looking after each other.”