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That’s Me! Project

That’s Me! aims to make a positive impact to teenagers and young adults, aged 12 to 18, who could benefit from wellbeing support.


This project was set up when our charity identified a gap in support services for younger people over the age of 12.


Thanks to a grant from Tiny Changes, the young people’s mental health charity, a pilot programme began in December 2019 leading to vital support during the pandemic.


From September 2021 the programme is held within Tynecastle Park Stadium every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. A fantastic opportunity for young people to socialise, meet new friends and be themselves without any judgement.


That’s Me! offers one-to-one advice including home visits from our Youth Worker, Connor, as well as group activities.


For more information or to register someone, please contact connor.mcnally@bighearts.org.uk – 07435 904 935.


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Since January 2020 That’s Me! has supported 25 young people, providing an average of over 10 hours a week of one-to-one advice. We have helped young school leavers going to college, young people recovering from addictions and provided opportunities for young people to volunteer at some of our Big Hearts programmes.


Case study


“We got involved with Big Hearts after a very distressing 2 years. My son was diagnosed with autism, a significant language disability and social communication difficulties. When he got to the middle of High School, it was too overwhelming for him and he started refusing to go. This was accompanied by self-harming behaviour and sometimes suicidal ideation.


The school was very worried for him and thought we would benefit from specific input from Big Hearts’ That’s Me! project. Connor built up an amazing relationship with my son, who sometimes could not leave his bed, by coming to the house 2/3 times a week, early in the morning to accommodate my son to school. Many times, my son was avoidant so it required much patience and perseverance.


As a result, my son’s attendance at school was 94% in 5/6 year to the delight of school. Connor has a knack of getting on with people who normally do not trust professionals. My son counts Connor as someone 100% trustworthy and I am so grateful for all he’s done to help my son when he was in a very dark place.”