» New fundraising partnership to provide ‘Free wills for charity’

New fundraising partnership to provide ‘Free wills for charity’

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We are thrilled to be launching a partnership with McClure Solicitors, joining their successful ‘Free Wills for Charity’ scheme. It’s a new way for Big Hearts to raise funds, which will help supporters plan for their future with the opportunity to support Big Hearts’ work in the community!

Every adult should have a will stating who will receive their assets and where they will end up. Without this legal document, the law decides and it usually takes longer and cost more.

Through this partnership, McClure Solicitors can prepare your will entirely free of charge – which will save you at least £100. You will be encouraged to consider a voluntary donation to Big Hearts in return of the service. There is no minimum amount for donations and everyone connected with Big Hearts can benefit – volunteers, supporters, Hearts fans, families involved in our programmes, etc.

Craig Wilson, Big Hearts Interim General Manager said:
‘’Offering a ‘Free will for charity’ to our community is a simple and straight forward way to support Big Hearts whilst accessing a professional service to plan for the future, something that is essential for any family. We hope it will benefit many who may have not considered it otherwise.’’  

Andrew Robertson, McClure Solicitors Managing Director said:
Under the Free Wills for Charity scheme, everyone benefits. Clients get the will which they need, Big Hearts will get much needed funds and over 50% of clients who use our Free Will Service go on to use us for other services. So we all benefit in the long run.”

If you wish to arrange a free consultation, contact McClure Solicitors at 0800 852 1999 (free call).

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