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Here at Tynecastle stadium, hidden behind the crowds, footballs, and pitch, we have our very own amazing music suite!

In our fully equipped space you can find fantastic music courses taking place for all ages, all abilities... and all year round.

Each course runs weekly and provides all the support and experience budding musicians need to raise the roof - whether you are a budding young superstar, or someone who just hasn't picked up their instrument in a while. The best thing about our courses are that they really are suitable for any ability - and everyone is encouraged to get the most out of every session!

Explore each of the different courses we offer below in the drop-down menu and find out what we offer.

Get in touch, get involved and get playing!


To get involved in any of our Music projects, or just a chat about what we do, contact us on 0131 200 7282 or email at music@bighearts.org.uk.


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Supported by the Scottish Government through the Scottish Communities League Cup.